Donation of R3million following KZN flooding

Donation of R3million following KZN flooding

09 May 2022

Motus, Hyundai Automotive SA and Hyundai Motor Company of South Korea donate R3 million following KZN flooding

(JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA) April 2022 – Motus, Hyundai Automotive South Africa and Hyundai Motor Company of South Korea have donated a combined R3 million to assist relief efforts for residents affected by the devastating flooding that claimed more than 400 lives in KwaZulu-Natal this month.

On 26 April 2022, Hyundai’s donation of R1,5 million to the Gift of the Givers Foundation was matched by a second R1.5 million donation by Motus Corporation, the holding company of Hyundai Automotive SA. Gift of the Givers is the largest disaster relief group of African origin. They also operate relief operations in several countries around the world. This R3 million donation will be used to assist communities in KwaZulu-Natal following the disastrous flooding.

Motus CEO Osman Arbee says: “The past week’s unprecedented destruction of infrastructure and homes and has left many destitute and in need of urgent assistance. Motus, together with our strategic partner Hyundai Motor Company, have committed R3 million to assist the rebuilding efforts. The journey to rebuild will require patience, trust and empathy. As a proudly South African organisation, we are humbled by the willingness and support of our partner to reaffirm their commitment to our ubuntu spirit.”

CEO of Hyundai Automotive SA Niall Lynch says: “The losses and suffering due to the floods in KwaZulu-Natal are of a scale not seen in recent times in South Africa. There was no doubt in our minds that we had to contribute to the relief effort in the province through this donation to Gift of the Givers, which has vast experience and many successes in relief and rebuilding operations of this kind. Hyundai Motor Company of South Korea is equally concerned, and they supported us to make this
contribution possible. We trust that the funds donated in this collaborative effort will be put to good use to improve the lives and circumstances of people who have lost
homes and all their possessions.”

Gift of the Givers Foundation director Dr Imtiaz Sooliman says: “Gift of the Givers deeply values the incredible partnership with Motus and Hyundai who always rise to the challenge at the most critical times during disaster intervention. At the onset of Covid- 19 we had to increase our vehicle fleet to meet the ever-demanding requests from 210 hospitals nationwide and to deploy mobile Covid-19 testing teams. Motus through its subsidiaries like Hyundai responded rapidly with three vehicles. In 2021 they added another two and yet another one at the beginning of 2022 as part of an ongoing supply of vehicles to vastly improve Gift of the Givers logistics capability. With the KZN Floods the response was instant yet again, this time with a R3 million donation to provide essential immediate requirements for the traumatised flood affected victims. Gift of the Givers appreciates this invaluable partnership which synergistically benefits the people of our country.”

Directors: GW Dempster* (Chairman), OS Arbee (CEO), OJ Janse van Rensburg (CFO), KA Cassel, PJS Crouse*, NB Duker*, S Mayet*, MJN Njeke*, F Roji-Maplanka*, A Tugendhaft *Non-executive Directors | Company Secretary: NE Simelane Motus Holdings Ltd | Reg. No. 2017/451730/06

This R3 million donation to Gift of the Givers is an example of the ongoing corporate social investment programme led by Motus and Hyundai Automotive SA and builds on previous donations made during Covid and July 2021.

Working with NGOs like The Gift of the Givers Foundation brings hope and restores dignity to those who need it most in times of disaster and hardship.
Motus’ Arbee concludes: “Every positive action contributes to the safety and economic welfare of our families, our businesses and the country. The last two years have
not only tested our resilience and commitment, but we South Africans have forged a stronger bond and connection with colleagues and communities at large. Like the many challenges that we as a country have faced and overcome in the past, I am confident that we have the strength of commitment and passion to contribute to a thriving and prosperous South Africa. This demonstration of our commitment as Motus is what “Mobility for Good” is all about.”

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