Key investment highlights

Our leading market share, together with our integrated and diversified service offering across the automotive value chain, allows us to maximise revenue and income opportunities for each vehicle sold. This is underpinned by significant annuity earnings.

Diversified business

Diversified (non-manufacturing) business in the automotive sector with a leading position in South Africa and a selected international presence mainly in the United Kingdom, Australia and limited presence in South East Asia and Southern and East Africa.

Fully integrated business model

Fully integrated business model in South Africa across the vehicle value chain: Import and Distribution, Retail and Rental, Motor-Related Financial Services and Aftermarket Parts.

Unrivalled scale

Unrivalled scale in South Africa underpins a differentiated value proposition to OEMs, suppliers, customers and business partners, providing multiple customer touch points supporting customer loyalty through the entire vehicle ownership cycle.

Profitability with high free cash flow generation

Profitability with high free cash flow generation and exposure to annuity income streams, with return on invested capital exceeding weighted average cost of capital, providing a platform for an attractive dividend yield.

Defined organic growth trajectory

Defined organic growth trajectory through portfolio optimisation, continuous operational enhancements and innovation, with a selective acquisition growth strategy in and outside South Africa leveraging best-in-class expertise.

Highly experienced management and team

Highly experienced management team with deep industry knowledge of regional and global markets, and a proven track record with years of collective experience, including an independent and diversified board.