United Kingdom

Commercial dealerships 80
Passenger dealerships 33
Aftermarket Parts distribution centre 1
Aftermarket Parts retail outlets 176

South Africa

Our South African footprint Total
Retail dealerships 345
  Commercial dealerships 32
  Passenger dealerships 211
  Auto Pedigree pre-owned dealerships 63
  Motus Select 39
Vehicle Rental branches 110
Aftermarket Parts 494
  Franchised outlets and distribution points 489
  Canopy fitment centres 5
Mobility Solutions Distributes innovative vehicle-related financial products and services through importers, dealers, finance houses, insurers, call centres and digital channels in South Africa


Passenger dealerships 38

Southern and East Africa

Retail dealerships 13
Vehicle Rental branches 15
Aftermarket Parts owned and franchised outlets and distribution centres 72

South East Asia

Aftermarket Parts distribution centres and agencies 4

Operational footprint

Unrivalled scale and scope in South Africa and a growing international presence, representing the most respected global vehicle brands.

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