Impact on the environment

Motus’ values explicitly hold us to ensuring that our businesses run in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner. We strive to continuously improve the accuracy of our information to support better decision-making, both for our stakeholders and the Group.

As an Importer, Retailer and Distributor, Motus has no manufacturing footprint to minimise, however we collect data for all material emissions, set environmental targets and look to seek ways in which to minimise our environmental impact. The Motus sustainability management system collates and tracks environmental data from all business sites, covering owned, partially owned and leased sites. The system allows for effective reporting and assists with the sharing of climate change issues and initiatives between divisions. Data is collected monthly and validated by financial managers or executives.

Governance processes are in place that ensure oversight of environmental aspects and related impacts at a Board level. On a quarterly basis, the Group Social and Ethics Committee, a sub-committee of the Board of Directors reviews a Health and Safety Report, statistics, trends and targets on fuel, water and electricity.

Areas of focus

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