Motus applies high standards of accountability, transparency and integrity in the running of the business and reporting to shareholders and other stakeholders. We have developed strong relationships with key stakeholders such as shareholders, debt providers and ratings agencies, as well as industry, government and social partners. An important driver of Motus’ reputation is our ability to ensure compliance within an increasingly complex regulatory environment and across multiple jurisdictions.

Motus has a well-constituted, independent and diverse board, with deep industry knowledge and expertise. The board is supported by a highly experienced management team with deep industry knowledge of regional and global markets, and a proven track record with years of collective experience. As a result governance is well embedded in the way we operate the business.

Motus is subject to the ongoing disclosure, corporate governance and other requirements of the JSE and the Companies Act and endorses the recommended practices set out in the fourth King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa (“King IV”).

Demonstrate consistently ethical and compliant business conduct

Motus strives to be fair, accountable and driven, by complying with rules and regulations, operating with the highest levels of integrity and ethics, and ensuring that its business practices are non-discriminatory. Our leadership teams drive an ethical culture and are supported by a code of ethics, ethics training and awareness initiatives. The code clearly defines a comprehensive set of ethical business practices. Employees are responsible for exercising their good judgement and obtaining further guidance on appropriate business conduct, where required. The whistle-blowing hotline enables our stakeholders to anonymously report concerns, unlawful, dishonest, disrespectful and environmentally unfriendly behaviour.




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