Hyundai helps to bring food relief to communities affected by Covid-19 pandemic in SA

Hyundai helps to bring food relief to communities affected by Covid-19 pandemic in SA

12 May 2020

Hyundai Automotive South Africa is helping to bring relief to people in dire need during the Covid-19 pandemic through the donation of vehicles to Gift of the Givers and FoodForward SA – both non-governmental organisations who have made it their mission to distribute food to such communities.

Eight vehicles – five H100 trucks (also called the “Bakkie”), one H-1 Bus and two Grand i10 Cargo panel vans – are being donated to Gift of the Givers and FoodForward South Africa. The organisations will use the vehicles in their drive to get food to communities where families have no income and a severe food shortage due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two of the H100 trucks and the H-1 Bus will go to Gift of the Givers, while FoodForward SA is to receive three H100 trucks and two Grand i10 Cargo panel vans. The H100 trucks will be fitted with closed canopies donated by Beekman.

“As an automotive company, it made sense for us to donate vehicles available for the transport of food and staff of the two organisations to bring urgent relief to fellow South Africans who are experiencing hunger and hardship due to circumstances that are completely out of their control,” said Niall Lynch, CEO of Hyundai Automotive South Africa.

“This initiative forms part of the Hyundai Motor Company’s global drive to improve the lives of people who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. These efforts include, among others, the provision of vehicles to frontline personnel to improve their mobility when they need it the most.

“The Hyundai Motor Company is working closely with governments all over the world to support communities that have been hit hardest by the pandemic in the form of donations, medical equipment and personal protection items. Locally, Hyundai Automotive South Africa has identified the provision of food as an urgent intervention and we believe Gift of the Givers and FoodForward SA are very well-geared to give such relief,” said Lynch.

The mission of Gift of the Givers, a non-governmental organization started by dr. Imtiaz Sooliman in 1992, is to provide nutritious food to impoverished children and families who are suffering in South Africa due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gift of the Givers has worked in many countries around the world and is the largest disaster relief group of African origin.

“Gift of the Givers values the generous contribution. The three Hyundai vehicles couldn’t have come at a more opportune time to increase our logistical capability in ferrying medical teams, delivering food and transporting essential medical supplies and protective wear to frontline health care workers, the SA Police Service and the general public in all nine provinces in South Africa, including many deeply rural areas,” said dr. Sooliman.

FoodForward SA, established in 2009 to address widespread hunger in South Africa, has a permit to remain open during the Covid-19 lockdown, and it is working with a range of social partners to feed insecure households through its network of registered beneficiary organisations. The organisation relies on corporate and individual partners to implement its cost-effective solution to address hunger and promote social change.

Andy du Plessis, managing director of FoodForward SA, said before the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africa had 30 million people living below the poverty line and that millions of people, such as informal traders and day-job seekers, were surviving by earning a daily income. Many small businesses were also struggling to stay afloat; the country was in yet another recession – and then the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

“It is safe to assume that the Covid-19 collision will be severe and far reaching, both in the short and long term. People relying on social grants will now have to stretch this meagre amount to help more family members.

“Most informal traders and day-job seekers do not have any form of savings or medical insurance, and millions of people do not have the necessary funds to buy food to survive. Therefore, creating better access to food for the poor is critical now and in the coming months,” said Du Plessis.

“In partnership with our various stakeholders, FoodForward SA is committed to scaling up so that households in vulnerable communities receive proper food provisions. Thank you to all our food and financial donors for your generosity and for caring enough to make a difference.”

Hyundai Motor Company’s efforts elsewhere in the world:


  • ‘Hyundai C A R E’ warranty extension program (also valid in South Africa).
  • Digital showroom and online booking (where available).
  • Work from home implemented according to government guidelines.
  • Building disinfection and provision of personal sanitation items (where available).


  • Delivery of emergency supplies and donation to medical facilities in China.
  • Donation of test kits imported from Korea, donation to Public Relief Fund, and production of ventilators with local vendors in India.
  • Training centres provided as treatment facilities in South Korea.
  • Payments for small and medium sized suppliers expedited in South Korea.
  • Free vehicle disinfection service offered to all car owners in South Korea.


  • Cars and supplies provided to medical teams and acrylic face masks produced with 3D printers to support City of Piracicaba in Brazil.
  • Hyundai Solidarity Transport program launched to offer free transportation for the elderly and healthcare professionals in Brazil.
  • Donation to Boys and Girls Clubs of Emergency Relief Fund for youth affected by Covid-19 in Canada.
  • Hyundai Assurance Job Loss Protection program re-launched in the United States.
  • Hyundai Hope on Wheels donation to children’s hospitals to support drive-thru testing in the US.


  • Fleets of vehicles provided to hospitals and healthcare facilities in Czech Republic, Poland and Spain.
  • Fleets of vehicles provided to volunteers and self-isolating customers in United Kingdom.
  • Donation of respirators and funds for governments and communities in the Czech Republic and France.
  • Stay-at-home contents posted on social media in Russia, Slovakia, United Kingdom and more.

For more information, contact:
Deon Sonnekus
General Manager: Corporate Communications
Hyundai Automotive South Africa

Tel. +27 61 355 1153
Email: [email protected]

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