Motus says ‘YES’ to providing 355 youth with work experience

Motus says ‘YES’ to providing 355 youth with work experience

02 June 2021

YES parcticipation extends Motus’ education and skills development support

In line with its ongoing support of education and skills development, Motus will further enhance its efforts through participating in the Youth Employment Service (YES) initiative for the next 12 months.

Launched three years ago, by President Cyril Ramaphosa, YES encourages the private sector to partner with government in creating critical work experience opportunities for young people across the country. To date the programme has created in excess of 53,000 work experiences for previously unemployed youth, who would have otherwise had limited employment opportunities, and injected approximately R3 billion into the economy through salaries.

Commenting on Motus’ participation, CEO, Osman Arbee, said: “Unemployment is a critical societal dilemma facing South Africa. Through our involvement in the YES initiative Motus has the opportunity to directly impact the future of 355 young people. Along with our other ventures, such as the Motus library programme, this new partnership is a solid platform for Motus to enhance its support of education and skills development in South Africa.”

The 355 young people will be placed across Motus’ four key business segments where they will be provided with: a one-year fixed term contract; a mobile device for ongoing support and training; as well as access to jobs across the group. Where applicable, Motus will also provide additional opportunities for youth to obtain driving lessons and driving licences.

Addressing the positive ripple effect that participating in the YES programme has YES CE, Dr Tashmia Ismail, said: “While more than 8.5 million youth are unemployed, they are not unemployable. A recent survey of YES alumni showed that 42% had been absorbed into full time employment, indicating that the YES programme is making youth more employable despite a lack of formal education.”

“What we’re seeing from companies like Motus, which provide young people with that critical first work opportunity, is that an ability and willingness to train South African youths on the job brings energy and innovation into their businesses. This in turn, triggers an economic ripple effect that helps to reignite an economy in which more young people are included.”

The opportunities provided by Motus will build important skills and include roles such as sales administration, warehouse picking clerks and entry sales cadets. Motus is also funding opportunities for placement with its Corporate Social Investment programme partners – Unjani Clinics, and the Imperial and Motus Community Trust

“Motus believes that the corporate sector has a real responsibility toward skills development in South Africa. By partnering with and investing in programmes such as YES, we are not only providing an opportunity for those 355 youths, but also expanding the talent pool for the entire industry. In the end everyone benefits,” concluded Arbee.

All identified roles have been specifically created for the YES programme and are not vacancies that would have been filled in the ordinary course of business.


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