Motus strives for healthy minds and bodies

Motus strives for healthy minds and bodies

22 November 2019

At a group level, Motus focuses on two pillars for direct corporate social investment (CSI) sponsorship: education and road safety. Long-term initiatives are identified within these pillars, and approximately 70% of group commitment is aligned to group projects. This CSI investment strategy helps ensure adequate governance and maximum funding for meaningful social impact. Within Motus’ businesses, additional CSI projects are identified at local community levels and managed in line with that particular brand objective.

Established in 2003 to assist communities, the Imperial and Motus Community Trust has launched 41 school resource centres and/or libraries to provide access to books and other learning resources to over 45 000 learners six days a week (Monday to Saturday). The Trust employs 81 full-time staff members, many of whom were unemployed learners from the community. For the 2020 financial year, Motus has committed to contributing R5-million in funding to the Trust. This will allow for six additional libraries to be added to the network. Any additional funding provided will be for brand-named resource centres.

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