Our people

Motus employs more the 18 600 employees with over 15 000 employed in South Africa. People are at the core of what we do and are the foundation of our success. We recognise that we can only deliver performance through a diverse complement of highly competent and experienced leaders and teams. We therefore strive to create an inclusive and collaborative high-performance culture that enables business results, creates opportunities for all employees and provides the benefit of diverse thinking. On this basis we grow our own talent and offer equality in our work environments, career-development opportunities, and creative initiatives that inspire the best in our people. Through training and development, we aim to unlock the potential of our talented team members.

Our people strategy delivers integrated human capital management practices that position Motus as a high-performing organisation, an industry leader and attractive choice for top calibre talent in the automotive industry.

Motus places the highest importance on the health and safety of our employees, customers and visitors to our premises. Our code of ethics covers health and safety as an imperative ethical business practice.


Committed to diversity and inclusion to drive Employment Equity

As a South African company, we acknowledge the past and recognise our joint responsibility in building a better future. This commitment informs our approach to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and is firmly rooted in our corporate ethics. Motus is committed to providing a fair and equitable work environment for all our employees. We are excited to be driving B-BBEE in the areas where we can make the greatest difference.

The B-BBEE pillars which all South African businesses must adhere to cover aspects such as who owns our business, who runs our business, how we develop our leaders, how we manage our procurement through our supply chain and what steps we take in developing communities. Socio-economic transformation is a priority for the Motus board and management team.

To ensure our competitiveness and sustainability in the South African market, Motus is committed to improving its Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) rating to a Level 4 by 2020.


Development of our people

Based on our mission, it is our intention to deliver performance through a diverse complement of highly competent and experienced individuals and teams. Our people strategy is designed to support this objective and position MOTUS as an attractive choice for top calibre talent. The talent, passion and dedication of our people enables us to deliver solid results, superior client service and value to stakeholders.

Our talent management programme aims: to ensure that the right number and quality of people are in place to meet current and future business priorities, and to provide employees identified as key talent with access to the best career opportunities within MOTUS.

Our employees are vital to our business and it is important that we value and nurture them by encouraging them to access opportunities to learn and take accountability for their own optimal performance and career development, guided by managers who provide mentorship and coaching. We invest significantly in the development and leadership of our employees with a focus on developing the core skills needed in the organisation and supporting the talent, succession and performance management frameworks.

We currently facilitate the following training and development programmes:

Executive Development

The programme equips participants with strategic thinking skills, inspires personal mastery and gives executives the ability to respond to change proactively.

Women in Leadership

The programme aims to equip female employees with the skills they need to improve their efficacy as authentic leaders. The programme is part of creating an inspirational work environment that encourages female progression within Motus.

Dealer Principal Programme and Portfolio Manager Programme

The aim of these programmes is to equip Dealer Principals and Portfolio Managers with the skills required to lead effectively in the dynamic automotive industry.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor degrees in Business Administration have been made accessible to our people. Participants are selected through a rigorous process of assessments and interviews.


Demonstrate consistently ethical and compliant business conduct

Motus strives to be fair, accountable and driven, by complying with rules and regulations, operating with the highest levels of integrity and ethics, and ensuring that its business practices are non-discriminatory. Our leadership teams drive an ethical culture and are supported by a code of ethics, ethics training and awareness initiatives. The code clearly defines a comprehensive set of ethical business practices. Employees are responsible for exercising their good judgement and obtaining further guidance on appropriate business conduct, where required. The whistle-blowing hotline enables our stakeholders to anonymously report concerns, unlawful, dishonest, disrespectful and environmentally unfriendly behaviour.


See demonstrate consistently ethical and compliant business conduct section of the Motus 2019 Sustainability report

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