Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions develops and distributes innovative vehicle-related financial products and services through importers, dealers, finance houses, insurers, call centres and digital channels. The segment is also a provider of fleet management services to corporate customers including fleet maintenance, fines management, licensing and registration services.

Innovation and unlocking customer potential within existing and new channels represent growth and profit opportunities for the business. We have invested in technology to leverage consumer data, enabling us to offer personalised services aimed at enhancing the customer experience and improving customer retention.

This segment complements and leverages the automotive value chain, providing annuity earnings and strong cash flows. Our ability to analyse proprietary data enables accurate pricing of our offerings, vehicle profiling for the fleet business and management of claims.

Through our leading service, maintenance and warranty plans, we unlock revenue for the Import and Distribution, and Retail businesses by retaining customers within the Group throughout their vehicle ownership lifecycle.

Product and services

We have evolved our offering over many years to enhance the vehicle ownership experience of our customers, identifying and addressing the underserved needs of motorists. This enables Motus to develop meaningful relationships with our customers as our integrated value chain provides us with multiple touchpoints with our customers.

Data forms the foundation of customer insights, which drive the development of continuously evolving products and services presented to customers at the appropriate time in their vehicle ownership journey. Compelling value propositions ensure that customers return to Motus for all their motoring needs, driving value for the Motus value chain.

Ultimately, we strive to deliver a stress-free motoring experience to our customers, while at the same time ensuring that every vehicle sold by Motus generates revenue streams for the Group over its useful life.

Mobility Solutions value chain

This segment complements and leverages the integrated automotive value chain, providing high-margin annuity earnings.

  • Access to bank credit at preferential rates to enable vehicle sales.
  • Access to the dealership network provides significant point of sale opportunities.
  • Access to market intelligence through the Group’s vehicle businesses and its data.
  • Ability to feed market intelligence back into the vehicle businesses, enabling the division to reach clients with the right product at the right time.
  • Cash-generative revenue lines create strong annuity income streams that act as a significant hedge to the industry’s cyclical nature.
  • Proven track record of innovative product and channel development and deployment.
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